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A Pause to Explain

Got a decent bit sorted today, but I realize that if anyone reads these posts they're going to have literally no idea what is going on, so here's the basic information I sort of left out:

The idea came up in a conversation where we were all together joking around this weekend about Friday being the 13th, but with no horror movies or anything. So we started joking about Christmas related horror movie titles and I said "It Came from the Chimney" and that stuck in my mind long after everything was done

In this universe, every chimney in the world lets smoke out of the top when there's a fire in there, but when there isn't a fire, it lets smoke out of the bottom into the unspeakable, unthinkable void from which Cthulu Claus reigns. And on Christmas, the sealing rituals fade and the horrors come through, twisting the house and its inhabitants. And this is where Santa Claus comes in.

Santa Claus has the power to use chimney magic to enter any chimney in a house that has been twisted, and he has a powerful banishing and sealing spell that will buy humanity another year. Every house has a Christmas tree, which is the key to cleansing and house and sealing that chimney, and so Santa is left to enter each house and place presents under the tree. Then to complete the spell, he must find and eat cookies that have been left for him.

But Santa isn't Rambo. He can't just run into the distortions of the void recklessly. Instead he must use stealth and clever tricks to get around the enemies and traps set for him.

So the premise of "It Came from the Chimney" is that every year Santa Claus has to go around delivering presents and eating cookies because that is just how the ritual to banish Cthulu Claus works. It's really just a happy side effect that folks get ipads and socks as Santa battles Cthulu Claus. Also it's a stealth game. Yeah :D



Progress in All Directions

Basically, yesterday was spent getting things set up, finding sounds and music, etc. while we sorted out who was going to do what programming wise. Today I got in bare bones level generation, movement, and sight. The game is going to be a bit like a 2.5D, single player Monaco with a Christmas theme, so blocking things that the character can't see from the player's view seems pretty important.

Right now, I'm going to work on the actual gameplay, then some enemies/obstacles, then see see about getting Santa looking a bit more like Santa than a placeholder sphere.


Time to Jam

So, after a long haitus with a lot of life things going on, I'm back. And this time we're working on a small game called "It Came from the Chimney" where you're playing as Santa putting presents under trees and eating cookies in order to stop Cthulu Santa from taking over the world and banish him for another year!

I'll see about posting as our development progresses until we finish the game (which will hopefully be before Christmas).